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Amistar Automation is proud to offer PCB Assembly Equipment from Mechatronic-Systems.

Mechatronic Systems Inc. is a German company that saw a market for low-cost, small-footprint, flexible and accurate equipment.

This market is the OEM that designs and produces PCBs, with production facilities usually offshore – but wants the ability to produce prototype products in-house.

This market is also those companies that produce only small-to-medium-lot sizes. Mechatronic Systems offers a complete line of Affordable, Precision Assembly Solutions for this market.

Mechatronic P Series

The Mechatronic P-Series of Pick and Place machines are high-precision, flexible, accurate and very low cost. Throughput ranges from 600pph for the P1, up to 3000pph for the P50. Some models are only Component Placement, others also include Dispense capability.

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Mechatronic S Series The Mechatronic S-Series Screen Printers are table-top systems, and are offered in Manual or Automatic, some with vision. Mechatronic Printers are designed with Accuracy and Repeatability in mind, for high-quality printing. We offer many models to meet your budget and production requirements.

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Mechatronic R Series Mechatronic Reflow Ovens are available in Compact to Mid-Size models, to suit your production needs. They are low-cost, efficient, and offer excellent results.

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Mechatronic d series Mechatronic D Series Dispensers are high-precision, flexible and affordable bench-top models, or may be incorporated with a Pick-and-Place machine. They are offered with different dispense valves, to suit your needs. Dispensing capability includes Solder Paste, Adhesives and Bonding Agents, and Lubricants.

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