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  • iPulse M20
  • High Quality Labels
  • TWS Reflow Ovens
  • TWS Tabletop Printers
  • Accurate and Reliable Tabletop Printers
  • Extra Eye First Article Inspection
  • TWS REflow Ovens
  • Dataplace Labeling Systems
  • Through-Hole PCB Technology

Amistar Automation is a supplier of manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of businesses engaged in printed circuit board assembly, electronic assembly, and pcb manufacturing.

We supply products for Electronics Manufacturing and Labeling Systems. We offer automation products for SMT (surface mount technology), pick and place, Thru-Hole Automation, First Article Inspection, and automatic labeling and labeling supplies.

Amistar Automation offers a wide variety of products including pick & place pcb assemblers, reflow ovens for smt soldering, depanelizers, and secure data disposal from manufacturers like i-PULSE, TWS Automation, DataPlace, Extra Eye, and Amistar Automation.

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It’s All About Automation. . .

Amistar Automation, Inc. was founded by experienced veterans in the Factory Automation field. Our primary business is as a supplier of Automation Solutions for a wide variety of industries and products. Our core products include:

  • Electronics Manufacturing Systems
  • Automated Labeling Systems
  • Identification Labels for Production
  • Prototyping Equipment
  • Small- to Large-lot Production Equipment

Our core competency is in providing the finest products available and maintaining excellent customer relations with expert installation and follow-up service and support. Our ever-growing customer list is a testament to our commitment. We continually strive to meet the needs of our customers.

As production requirements and techniques have changed over time, so has Amistar Automation. In the past several years, we have received more and more requests for an entry-level solution for production. In addition to our long history of providing high-speed production equipment, we now also offer entry-level and prototype equipment, as well as small- and medium-batch equipment.

In addition, our DataPlace line of Automated Labeling Systems has continued to be the Industry Standard for those who demand perfection in their products, and insist on traceability and accountability in their assembly processes.


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